ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

 Fresh water generator spare parts

Fresh water generator spare parts

The right spare parts ensure constant and efficient conversion of seawater into freshwater 

A freshwater generator is an essential piece of machinery on any vessel that doesn’t otherwise have continuous access to freshwater.

When you are surrounded by seawater and in need of freshwater why not turn one into the other? With an AFGU freshwater generator salty seawater is effectively converted into usable freshwater by an evaporation process. This provides clean water suitable for consumption as well as use in other machinery.

The generators have a long lifespan and can be used for many years, but through time the need for spare parts may arise. We at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS provide high-quality fresh water generator spare parts to ensure a safe and efficient freshwater supply on vessels, offshore rigs or in other industries.

All fresh water generator parts provided by ATLAS-SPAREPARTS are of course guaranteed to meet all relevant CE approvals. On top of that our parts are produced in the EU.


Great knowledge and many years of experience with fresh water generator spare parts

We have worked with the AFGU freshwater generators since the 1950’s, and since then we have become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of freshwater generators, spare parts and other marine equipment. We keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry and make sure to stay on top of new knowledge. This is so we can keep pioneering and provide our customers with expertise as well as the best service.

Save your time spending hours upon hours trying to figure out what the right solution for your freshwater project is. ATLAS-SPAREPARTS can provide you with guidance and the best cost-effective solution and parts to meet your needs. We can tailor products and setups, and we pride ourselves in being able to suit the requests of businesses of all sizes. 

We also provide service on AFGU generators and parts, even the ones that are now discontinued but still in use.

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Cost-effective freshwater generators and parts

With a high-quality freshwater generator, the cost of running the machine and achieving freshwater is low compared to other solutions. By using materials and parts of high quality we ensure that each part is reliable, has longevity and that the generator requires little attendance and maintenance. Producing freshwater with one of our generators is a cost-effective solution.

Are you looking for a freshwater generator rather than spare parts? We manufacture AFGU single, double and multi part generator setups. See more on our other website ATLAS-DANMARK here. 

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The working principle of AFGU freshwater generator

The heating and evaporation of seawater used in the desalination process is done by utilizing waste heat in the jacket cooling water of the diesel engine. The heat exchanger in the freshwater generator is connected to the jacket cooling water system of the Diesel engine and is thus working as an extra cooler.

The jacket cooling water, which may reach a temperature between 60 and 90° C, is passed outside the tubes of the heat exchanger. During this passage the temperature will drop between 4 and 13° C depending on the amount of jacket cooling water used.

The seawater goes into the heat exchanger tubes, where it is heated under vacuum and evaporates. The generated vapours pass through a separator in which the salt and other unwanted chemicals is separated, and the brine is discharged by a water ejector. See more about brine pumps here. 

The vapour is then cooled and condenses into pristine freshwater, that gets discharged by the freshwater pump into the freshwater tank. Now it is ready to be used as clean freshwater. See more about the fresh water pump here.

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We also have incinerator parts and sterilizers

Besides spare parts fresh water generator, we also supply incinerators and UV sterilizers.

We manufacture spare parts for incinerators from ATLAS, VESTA, ASI, ASWI and MAXI. We have a wide range and can get you a new part quickly after placing your order. We provide fresh water generator spare parts for both newer ATLAS incinerators as well as our discontinued models.

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You can also get a UEBERALL UV sterilizer for onboard disinfection of freshwater. The sterilizers are reliable and of high quality which is why they are used by many around the world.

Here you can see more about the UV sterilizer. 


We have the knowledge and products to find the right solution for you – Contact us today

Our experienced employees are ready to answer any questions you might have. We can also give guidance about which generator, spare parts, pumps or other products are the right fit for your requirements.      

Whether you are looking for more information about fresh water generator spare parts, want to get started with a new desalination setup or are looking to upgrade your existing one, we are here to help you move forward. We are able to meet the requirements of many different costumers around the world.

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