ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Ejector pump

Ejector Pump


ATLAS-SPAREPARTS supplies ejector pumps for use in AFGU (Atlas Freshwater Generator Unit) units. The pump serves to supply seawater to the ejectors and the heat exchanger. The pumps are of high quality, produced in the EU and CE-approved. ATLAS-SPAREPARTS provides all spare parts to the AFGU as well as spare parts to all other ATLAS products and many other products as well. 

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The ejector pump is horizontal and self priming and has been designed for operation in seawater wherefore it is manufactured from seawater-resistant material. The ejector pump allows for individual capacities for each type of the AFGU units. 

The ejector pumps are furthermore: 

  • Produced in the EU 
  • CE-approved

All spare parts for the ATLAS products are easy to maintain and easily replaced, when this becomes necessary after many years of use. ATLAS products are known to last for decades and ATLAS-SPAREPARTS even keeps spare parts for discontinued ATLAS products. So even if your machinery is no longer in production it is possible to find spare parts at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS. Please consult us for information on which other products we provide spare parts for as well.  



The ejector pump supplies seawater to the ejectors and also to the heat exchanger. The seawater goes to the ejectors in order to create a vacuum in the boiling section. This vacuum serves to lower the boiling point of the water, and to allow the brine from the desalinated water to be returned to the sea.  


The AFGU – an essential tool for fresh water generation  

The (Atlas Freshwater Generator Unit) is ATLAS´ high quality fresh water generator which has existed since the 1950´ies and still is widely used today due to its high quality. The fresh water generator makes use of evaporated seawater and thus filters it for salt and chemicals and other unwanted particles. The result is clear and pristine fresh water, suitable for both human consumption and use in machinery that requires clean water without salt in order to function.  

The AFGU is a very important piece of equipment on any vessel that leaves land and fresh water sources for longer periods of time. It is both more economic and easier to produce fresh water right on the vessel, than the alternative options for fresh water supplies.  

We are always happy to advise on the use of our products as well as guiding you to the best solution in any particular situation.  

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ATLAS-SPAREPARTS also supplies all other spare parts needed for the AFGU generator. 

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In addition to spare parts for the AFGU fresh water generator, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS also supplies parts for incinerators and our UEBERALL UV sterilizer which enables fresh water disinfection onboard the vessel.

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Especially in the area of incinerators, many old products are still in use all around the world on vessels today. ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is honored to still be able to supply parts to these customers and ensuring that the ATLAS products can still perform for many years to come.  

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS can often produce out of stock spare parts rather quickly, which means that the spare part can be shipped and ready to be collected in the next port the vessel comes into.  



The parent company of ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, ATLAS-DANMARK, was founded in the 1950´ies and has ever since been a leading manufacturer of fresh water generators and other marine equipment made to resist seawater.  

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS supplies all spare parts to the ATLAS-DANMARK products – both current and discontinued. This means that machinery that is decades old, can still be repaired today with our spare parts. We believe that this is essential, both in terms of our customers´ economy and in order to minimize waste and the disposal of otherwise working equipment.  

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is an old company but we still strive to always staying updated on the newest technologies and knowledge in the industry in order to ensuring that we are always the best choice for our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiry or question you might have.  



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our highly qualified employees are glad to be of assistance in relation to any inquiry you might have. We are happy to provide advice on which solutions to choose and how to embed spare parts in your machinery. We work with companies of all sizes and in different industries. Contact us today and hear more about how we can help. 

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